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Grand Opening of our new
Cat - Spa
The Finest in Feline Grooming
I am happy to anounce the opening of the new Cat - Spa in the lovely
Village of the Arts, downtown Bradenton, 1209 12th AveW.
No dogs are alowed in our Cat - Spa, it is for our feline customers only.
It is a calm atmosphere were we offer individualized care - one cat at a time, by appointment only.
It is amazing how happy the kittens are when they receive a nice gentle bath and a fluff dry. We remove all matting and the old hair, no more shedding due to our gentle professional de-shedding. Our shampoo is one of the worlds most luxorious shampoos.
We are able to shorten the hair of your feline, for more comfort and easier cleaning, expecially for our older clients. We call this the teddybear cut (see pics) There is still the lion cut and of course the bath and fluff dry, where we transform a matted and greasy cat into a beautiful fluffy feline.
You should see how happy the cats leave our Cat - Spa. We  have cats purring in the bathtub - no kidding!!!
We charge $59 for a full grooming session which takes about one hour.
We offer a coupon on www.gohound.com. Check it out!
This client asked for a shorter cut for more
comfort and easier maintenance for his older cat.
After a gentle bath and a teddybear cut,
the cat is  happy and cool......... and beautiful.
No sedation and no restraint are used
in our Cat - Spa
It is the gentle touch that makes our
Cat - Spa so special.
And your feline and you HAPPY!!!
                                                             our clients are happy clients !
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